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Developing structural and functional efficiencies


World Bank




Functional and Structural Review


Nearly 150 staff, including the Country Director, Operations Manager, Country Program Coordinator, Program Leaders, Country and Operations Officers, and a large number of administration staff including Administrative and Client Support (ACS) staff, and various unit Heads

The Project


The Country Management Unit asked MDN Fusion to conduct an independent functional review that would cover the following:


        • Examination of functions of individuals within CMU
        • Improve quality assurance functions
        • Creation of Terms of References for possible new positions
        • Assessing delegation of tasks to ensure equitable workload
        • Review of administration of facilities and resources and propose possible efficiencies
        • Develop a roadmap for implementation of recommendations

      The Three Phases


      MDN Fusion approached the project in a clear and systematic manner, each phase with clear milestones and deliverables. 

      Phase 1 – Preparation

      • Reviewed the existing documentation pertaining to roles, functions and processes.
      • Analyzed where the documentation and processes created or had the potential to create confusion or inefficiencies through overlap or lack of clarity.

      This phase also gave us hints in terms of areas to focus on for the next phase (although we also ensured that we didn’t make assumptions this early in the project).

      Phase 2 – Investigation 

      Using the information that was gathered during the preparation phase, we then conducted a series of interviews and focus groups throughout the organization. These helped gain a deep, practical understanding of what was working and could be strengthened, and what areas could benefit from improvements.

      Post the interviews and focus-groups, we shared our analysis through a series of consultative workshopsthat were open to all staff. 

      This ensured that the changes that might be bought in through the recommendations were more likely to be accepted and bought into, since the entire organization had been involved in the discussions.



      At the end of this phase we delivered: 

      • Consultative workshops
      • Recommendations on Management Structure and how to effectively manage workload
      • Recommendations on competencies, training and skills (hired or upgraded) that were needed
      • Recommendation on organization structure pertaining to career development opportunities within CMU.


      Phase 3 – Reporting


      Finally, we provided a holistic report to the Country Director, Operations Manager and HR Manager. 

      The report included:

      • General Narrative Report
      • Possible Organization Charts
      • Work Distribution
      • Risk Analysis
      • Recommendations
      • Implementation plan


      At the end of this detailed process, the World Bank was able to objectively see what they were doing well and also focus on specific areas that would bring ever-increasing efficiencies for them and their clients. Junaid Ahmad, the Country Director of the World Bank, appreciated MDN Fusion and its team of consultants for the sincere commendable job.


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