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Mott MacDonald

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Mott MacDonald




The World Class LeaderTM Journey


Directors and Assistant Directors

Mott MacDonald understands that their most important asset is their people – and especially those who are leading their people. They needed a journey that would provide their Indian leaders with the same quality tools and techniques as any of their leaders across the globe might experience, while managing costs.

    The Numbers

    • 1,168 training hours covering
    • 9 modules and 33 topics using
    • 4 facilitators and
    • 16 x 360 degree UCF assessments

    World Class LeaderTM


    Looking to lay a strong, global-quality foundation for their leaders in India, Mott MacDonald turned to MDN Fusion.


    One of our designers and facilitators, Dr. Kevin Brinkmann, had already spent 2 years researching and developing ‘The World Class LeaderTM’ – a leadership journey that covers 9 broad topics:



    1. How leaders think
    2. How leaders act
    3. How leaders implement
    4. How leaders build rapport
    5. How leaders influence without authority
    6. How leaders influence with authority
    7. Seeing the vision
    8. Speaking the vision
    9. Executing the vision


      360 UCF Assessment

      MDN Fusion is accredited to administer the UCF (Universal Competency Framework) Assessment. This was an essential part of the journey that enabled the senior leaders to understand which competencies were vital for their role and which competencies they needed to focus on.

      The sharing of the results was followed up with a 1:1 coaching session for each of the leaders, enabling them to understand the results dynamically and have a clear action plan.

      Tailored to their needs and their calendar

      Though the ‘The World Class LeaderTM’ was a ready journey, the specific content, the examples and the exercises were all tailored for Mott Macdonald’s industry and situation.

      In order to ensure that the leaders didn’t get information overload, or they were out of the office too much, the journey was implemented in 3 day intensive workshops, with a few weeks in between each set of three days.


    SS Acharya, Managing Director, Mott MacDonald India

    Watch as SS talks about the driver behind the journey and why they chose MDN Fusion’s ‘World Class LeaderTM’ journey. 

    Shehzin Contractor, Learning & Development Advisor, Mott MacDonald India

    Shehzin talks about the importance Mott Macdonald gave to alignment, implementation or learning and multi-approach journey

    Sushma Chaudhary, Senior Project Manager, Mott MacDonald India India

    Sushma shares how she was immediately able to take the learning from the ‘Vision Casting’ session and use it to deliver an engaging talk in front of 1000 shareholders at the AGM in London!


    To keep things fresh, and depending on the areas of expertise and experienced, we had four facilitators deliver different parts of the journey. This provided a richer and wider experience for the participants, while maintaining a world class quality of content, consistency and delivery.

    Click here to find out more about how the ‘The World Class LeaderTM program can provide your leaders with a robust and holistic leadership foundation.


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